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Youth Voice, Community and Empowerment through Dance

'Come together, dance together, grow together'

Photo credit: 'This Girl Can' for London Sport 2015.


Kloe's piece Gladesmore Levi and Janayin

Girls Dance and Mentoring Project at Gladesmore Community School.

WeMove began in 2012 as a young women’s dance and discussion group based at Haringey Sixth Form College in Tottenham, North London. Since then we have grown into a multi-faceted programme and collective of young people and professionals from the fields of dance/performing arts, critical education and therapy.

Our work is built around the power of dance and youth leadership as vehicles for personal empowerment, community-building and social change.

Our approach foregrounds creativity, friendship, youth leadership and celebration of cultural identity, alongside valuing the voices and perspectives of young people in inner-London - whether these voices be quiet, outspoken or anything in between.

After establishing as a Community Interest Company (WeMove Dance C.I.C.) in August 2019, we now offer a variety of projects and services: primarily for secondary schools and colleges, but also more widely in the community. Please see our ‘Projects’ and 'Partners' sections for further details.

Come together, dance together, grow together.

Projects, Partners and Community Services

Boys Dance and Mentoring Project at Gladesmore Community School.


Partners & community services

At the heart of WeMove is collaboration, and we are lucky to work with a number of fantastic partners. We also offer support services to community organisations with similar aims to our own.


We offer a variety of projects, all of which can be delivered in schools and colleges, or community hubs.


Participant Experiences


"We come here each week and remind ourselves of our worth.”


"Dance gives me such freedoms: releasing stress, a place to be creative and work with younger pupils in the community."


"This is a place of peace and moving together as one huge family. WE MOVE."


A selection of our work and partners

WeMove at Haringey Sixth Form College

WeMove at Haringey Sixth Form College

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Featuring Gladesmore Community School.  Video Credit: Bismark Anobah