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'Come together, dance together, grow together.'


In January 2012, a girls dance group formed at Haringey Sixth Form College: a space where young women could come together, celebrate each other, and explore some of the things they found unfair in the world around them. This was the basis of WeMove: a space where young people's creativity, passion, voice and                    inherent leadership skills could flourish in togetherness.

Since then, WeMove has grown to a broad collective of                              young people, teachers, dance artists, therapists and youth workers, who believe in the power of dance to                                     create joy, community and social change.                

We now offer a range of projects and weekly classes that have youth leadership and celebrating culture at their core.

For example, a leadership qualification for 14 - 22 year olds, a fast-paced Afrobeats class, a boys dance and mentoring project where 16-19 year olds work with younger teens - and lots of performance opportunities! 

See 'Projects' for further details.

Read on to meet the team, and learn more about our approach, and the values and inspiration behind our work.

Meet the team!

See below for our core and founding team members, regular guest teachers & links to our work.

Fumy Opeyemi: WeMove founding member and Senior Teacher. Fumy leads on our girls empowerment work and Afrobeats classes, alongside her international teaching, performing and choreography career with her companies GOP Dancers and Afrovibez. @fumzgop  @afrovibez

Christopher Bean: WeMove founding member and Senior Teacher. Chris leads on our boys work and our dance leadership course, while teaching and advocating for youth dance in and around London. Read about Chris's work and background here.

Camilla Stanger: WeMove founding member and Co-Director. Camilla coordinates our projects, and teaches on our dance leadership course and girls classes, alongside her work in education and research. Read about Camilla's work and background here.

Pauline Fearon: WeMove founding member and Co-Director. Pauline leads on our wellbeing work and supports our girls empowerment projects, alongside managing her own counselling practice.

Jeneen Bucknor-Smartt: WeMove graduate, founding member, Teacher and Mentor. Jeneen teaches across all our projects, alongside her own freelance work in dance teaching, choreography and youth work. @northside.boogie.

Robbie Eloni: WeMove graduate, founding member, Teacher and Mentor. Robbie teaches on our boys projects, alongside studying for a Sports Science degree and managing his own teaching, choreography and performing career with Monsters Dance Company and Glitch Dance Company. @glitchdancecompany @monstersdancecompany  @rxbz.10

Chanelle Hall: WeMove founding member, Teacher and Mentor. Chanelle teaches on our girls empowerment projects, and leads on our voice and music work, alongside her own career as a singer songwriter, teacher and activist. @iamchanellehall 

We are also fortunate to collaborate with a phenomenal group of award-winning and internationally acclaimed dance artists who regularly guest teach on our projects, and have been pivotal in supporting and developing our work to date: Kloe Dean, HomeBros, Bismark Anobah, Sean Graham, Lee Griffiths, Nathan Mafwa and Mahdi Ghali.


Our values and inspirations:

bell hooks: writer, teacher, activist 

"As a classroom community, our capacity to generate excitement is deeply affected by hearing one another’s voices, in recognizing one another’s presence.                                               I celebrate teaching that enables transgressions – a movement against and beyond boundaries.

It is that movement which makes education the practice of freedom."

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